Salade de gesier (gizzard salad)

Source : Open Gizzard Can And Follow Instructions To Warm On Pan And Drain Fatthrow On Top Of Lettuce/toms/dressingtoss On Pinenutsadd Sliced Eggs If Desiredserv...

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at : April 25, 2022


  1. open gizzard can and follow instructions to warm on pan and drain fat

  2. throw on top of lettuce/toms/dressing

  3. toss on pinenuts

  4. add sliced eggs if desired

  5. serve with good crusty bread

  6. gizards should taste like gamey greasy ham,super!


  1. 1 can chicken or duck gizards (sud ouest best)
  2. 1 dash pinenuts
  3. 1 bunch lettuce
  4. 3 tomatoes
  5. 1 cup dressing
  6. 1 hardboiled egg

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Salade de gesier gizzard salad

Salade de gesier gizzard salad