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Source : Turn On Crock Pot To Lowcut Corned Beef Brisket Into Chunks Throw Into Crock Put Cook On Low For 9 Hours Or Until Doneadd Water To Cover The Meat Add T...

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  1. turn on crock pot to low

  2. cut corned beef brisket into chunks. throw into crock put.

  3. cook on low for 9 hours or until done

  4. add water to cover the meat.

  5. add the packet of seasining that comes in the bag with the brisket

  6. add the Portuguese sausage about 5 hours into cooking.

  7. an hour later add the cubed potatoes.

  8. about an hour before its done add the cabbage. you can cut the cabbage into wedges

  9. check the brisket if its done. make sure its fully cooked


  1. 4 lb corned beef brisket--cut into chunks
  2. 1 head cabbage--wedges
  3. 2 portuguese sausages -slices
  4. 2 large potatoes--cubes

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Boil dinner

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